Didn't get any skiing in last weekend. Back is hurting and body is banged up nearly a week later. I went back to work because I need to fund this trip, but I don't think lifting sails and crawling around in bilges is helping anything. The dog is disappointed with the way things in our lives are rolling downhill....But I told her it's all good material for the blog, since I'm not writing about skiing yet.
Dear blog.....
yesterday i saw my entire ski season flash before my eyes. But after five hours waiting around at the hospital, I'm cleared. No permanent damage. Some bruising and soreness after a pretty hefty tumble from a boat. I was pretty lucky all in all. Also, my ego is really hurt. I told the bartender all my problems and showed him my hospital bracelet to try and get a bigger drink.
First ski trip of the season is supposed to be this weekend, should still be on....we will see....meet me at stowe! Cheers!

Travel buddies

This is the first post, just to get things started on the site. So far so good!