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I got into Vancouver yesterday afternoon, guided only by the directions I wrote down on a piece of paper. Those only got me to general area of Vancouver, so I did spend a good long time trying to figure out where the flip I was. Finally I found my way into the city center, where driving was a bit scary, but no worse than in boston. Seeing the ocean, and boats after weeks in the mountains made me remember boats and how much I love them. The ocean made me a bit home-sick.
Gus and I found Stanley park, which is like their version of central park, but right on the water, and enormous. I didnt get to know the city as well as I would have liked, but in honesty its much harder to explore a city solo, with a car and a dog, than a small ski town. So I may have to save this one for another time. My car plates look exactly like Alberta plates (red writing on white background) and with all the dirt on  my car you really can't tell, so no one is cutting me a break when Im out driving around, and making left had turns from right lanes etc. Today Im picking Kate up from the Vancouver airport and we are heading up to Whistler Blackcomb. WooHoo.
Check out the stop overs in BC so far!

Also, here is a link to a guide of how ive been living, chairlift to chairlift.