After a day to chill on Thursday, bring Kaitlin to Reno, check out Truckee, and sit out a day of skiing while the skies greyed and rained/snowed on and off all day, I took Friday to be shown around Squaw by Nate and Sam, who had the day off. Ill admit that we didnt get the earliest start to the day, but it was blue skies, sunny and very mild temps. I broke out the soft shell. I probably packed 18 jackets for thus trip so I might as well use more than just one.
The snow was a touch heavy but the fact that I had to really work for turns made me deserve my beers in the afternoon. I was pressed to try and keep up  with them, sam on his fatty surface skis and nate on his board, but I managed to keep them in sight, and we covered what they would define as the best of the mountain (given the conditions) in its entirety. I felt cool because I got to keep my stuff in their secret liftie locker room, and I felt like a big deal because they seem to know everyone. Every Aussie at least. We did pause for a beer break at the top of the tram dock, which has an amazing view. That is definitely not to be missed.
A sunny day of skiing called for a few PBRs on the deck of the Cantina. Everyone got their "shifter", which you will have to work at Squaw to find out what that is....Or be friends with someone who works there. I loved Squaw, for its steeps, its bowls, (its lifties...) and its gnarly inbounds runs, which at most places would be roped off. I think the terrain off of the KT-22 lift alone, equals or tops the amount of terrain at some eastern mountains. I didn't get to see the place on a pow day, but there's no doubt Ill be back, and chances are, with the way snow comes down from the sky here during the season, Ill get my pow day, and probably get myself into trouble.
This morning Ill spend some time recovering after going out last night in Tahoe city with them, ski, and then maybe plan the trip home...Maybe...
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 Dear blog,
Met kaitlin at the Reno airport on Monday, March 7th. She was only here for a short time, so we tried to make the most of it. And, as it turns out, that is not enough time for her to adjust to the time change, as she woke up at 6 am every morning, and made sure that I was up at that time as well. We had the pleasure of being hosted on our first night by 2 fellow Gloucester guys, (and Sam's dog Brookie), Nate Dogg and Sammy Z, both living and working at Squaw Valley.Viva la liftie. We engaged in some libations and some darts. In the morning we hit Squaw, and managed to break up the day with some more libations. Probably one of the best Bloody Marys I have ever been served at 11 AM at the Olympic bar, by our friend Paulo the bartender. Kaitlin was happy to see western elevations higher than 5000', I have never met anyone else who fully smiles when they ski, though the elevation may have effected her tolerence. Because we didnt make it up too late after a long day of skiing (more on the skiing on the Squaw page)....We treated ourselves to a hotel the next night, though it was not dog friendly, and Gus and I had a good time evading the staff a the hotel. It was a blast. Wednesday was another ski day. The snow was really wet and heavy, and the temps were rising, but the sun came out more than a few times, and in my true Morgan style, I was way over layered for the conditions. The Auras performed like champs. Kait and I had a lovely time getting to know Squaw, though it was to short for her. It was an excellent reunion; I dropped her off at Reno this afternoon, and she will be showing up for work in Boston tomorrow. Woosh. Im back with the guys for the night, they have the day off tomorrow, so we will be shredding the Gnar. I need to start planning a route home, but I dont want to. Check out the Squaw page here.