Wish I could trust Gus like this....
I departed Chuck and Trevor in Port Angeles on a rainy friday afternoon, making my way down to Bend, Oregon. It rained the whole way, and I had my fingers crossed that it might be snowing higher up. I rolled into the town just outside of Bend (Redmond, OR) late and spent the night at a cheap-o, no name motel. Gus and I then made our way to Mt. Bachelor, to roll solo on a saturday, for a full day. The Mt. Bachelor website was down that morning, so I was slowly making my way up there, expecting a new fallen 2" that snowreport.com gave me. Apparently wrong, because I was greeted by a fresh 15" that fell over night, and there I was, giddy, but having no idea where to start. The summit never opened but I had an amazing day lapping the Northwest express lift, which had very low visibility at the top, but was really fun.
After the day, I spent the night in Bend, which was an awesome town. There were more brewpubs there in one small area than any city I had ever seen. (I think like ten). Since I was riding solo, I picked one brew pub, Deschutes, and saddled up to the bar for the better part of the night, drank some strong brews and had some excellent food. I think I have been talking to a dog for too long, because the 2 locals I was seated next to seemed to think I was Canadian, because when I went to inquire if the seat between them was taken, I asked "is anyone holdin' this seat down?" to which they were both confused at my question, looked at me like I was thick in the head, and said, "if youre asking if the seat is taken, it is not...are you canadian? I dont understand what you just asked us, but the seat is all yours..." After that I mostly sat in silence, studying the  bubbles in my beer. They didnt even know what I big deal I was....Skiistowest creator!...come on! Oh well, that just showed me I need to start re-adapting to real life again. Fantasy land is coming to an end sooner than I think. In the morning, I made an early departure for Lake Tahoe, in Cali, where I would be having another Landing School reunion, while being hosted by Todd, his wife, and their dog Taylor. Never thought I would make it this far.
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