Sorry, forgot to write that I actually made it to New Mexico, on Tuesday, with Mom and Guss in one piece. But now Im departing. Highlites of the drive over included eating catfish at the "catfish round up" in Oklahoma, and eating steak at the 'Big Texan' in Amarillo TX, where if you can finish it you get a 72 oz (plus more) for free! We didnt try. The southern snowstorm tried to keep us from getting west, but we made it through. We toured Santa Fe, where a crazy guy saw gussie and said to me, "mmm....lunch on a leash". Odd. Our excellent hosts, the Holdsworths, put us up at their house in Santa Fe, where their dog was kind enough to let gus stay too, but looked at her like she was his retarded cousin from the east.
Then we were Off to Taos to ski a couple of days before returning mom to the airport. Taos was nothing short of amazing, though I really wish I didnt have to start there, since I got worked over. It was steep, and there was no new snow, but it was fun. It took a long time to get to know the place too. But miraculously on day two, a local skier, was kind enough to show me around for an hour, and suddenly day 2 was much better than day 1. It was awesome, more on Taos in The Skiing page. And though I still felt like I didnt know how to ski there, at least I knew how to get to the goods, once I remember how to ski again. I didnt spend much time getting to know the town, but I did get to enjoy a slow roasted duck and goat toastada, and it was delicious.
I also had the pleasure of sampling the terrain at 'Ski SantaFe' area, in Santa Fe NM. Dad was my ski buddy, and host Sam joined us for the afternoon portion. It was a fun little mountain, with amazing views, and enough variation for any skier to get their fill.
Gussie would rather be left here in New mexico to run free, and would prefer I pick her up on the way back. Poor pup doesn't even know this is just the beginning. Now it's off to Colorado for Silverton on Sunday. Sweet life!