Made it to Bozeman, Montana on Friday night. The drive up from Sun Valley was really pretty. I stopped over in Stanley, Idaho, just to check it out, and unfortunately I was a day short of making the outhouse races. It was a very cool spot though. I saw some big horn sheep chillen on a rock, which was cool. Made it up to Bozeman, and took it easy for the night, (though apparently I missed a really good 'White' party at the Eagles...) and managed to ski Big Sky in the morning. Big mountain to take on alone, but fun. I saw the triple be evac-ed, which was my first time seeing that done. Would have made for a better story if I was on it, but in the end I was glad not to be. I got to know Bozeman on Saturday night thanks to my host Tim, a former Mass resident, who was also kind enough to show me around the Bridger Bowl on Sunday, with his friend and room mate, who were equally nice enough to wait for me as I was sucking wind on the uphill hikes, and eating shit on the way down. I had a blast though, Bozeman is definitely the spot to be. I'm in Missoula right now, planning to check out the Snowbowl tomorrow