Today's blog is by Kate. I have made it to Canadia to check up on Morgs and Gussie. I want to assure everyone that Morgan is still alive, the Jeep is still going, and Gus, though a little shabbier (Morgan says I can't say fatter so I'll go with shapely). As I came out of customs, I expected to see a smiling Morgan but alas...no. So I walked outside only to see a dirty Jeep with a tulle on top drive by, I tried to check for Massachusetts plates but it was so dirty I couldn't tell. So I ran with a brief case across my chest, a sailing bag over one shoulder, and a ski bag over the other shouting after this dirty Jeep. Then the crossing guard said to me "don't worry, she'll be around again. Shes been looping about 15 times." Sure enough, she came back around. The video of Gussie and I reuniting is below. Notice the stream...pure joy.
After a little tour de Vancouver, we drove up to Whistler and made it. Note the picture of words that have numbers in them above. Let the vacation begin! You can see some pictures from the first segment of this trip Here! You can also watch an amusing video of Gussie getting emotional over a branch in Stanley park, Vancouver. Enjoy!