Came up Tuesday night to Breck, after Aspen to spend most the week checking out Breck and Vail. Both were awesome, and huge. I had my tour guide at Breck, fellow '08 William Smithie, Andrea, who showed me around the mountain, best of the best for the day, and I was struggling to keep up with her and her Rossi S110s. We had a blast, and the town was awesome. More to come on Breck soon, when I get some better inter-ma-net.
Vail was Thursday. It was a trip, I skied it alone, but it wasnt long before I had made a friend on the lift up to the Blue Sky Basin, an irish guy, Stuart, who was on holiday at Breck, but spending a day at Vail. We had a good time hitting all the runs in that back bowl, and then jetting back to the front side. There is so much terrain there it's unreal.
More to come soon on Vail.
Check out the Pictures from Breck and Vail here!