Dear blog.....
yesterday i saw my entire ski season flash before my eyes. But after five hours waiting around at the hospital, I'm cleared. No permanent damage. Some bruising and soreness after a pretty hefty tumble from a boat. I was pretty lucky all in all. Also, my ego is really hurt. I told the bartender all my problems and showed him my hospital bracelet to try and get a bigger drink.
First ski trip of the season is supposed to be this weekend, should still be on....we will me at stowe! Cheers!
Nell O'Connell
11/27/2010 02:39:30 am

what did you do to yourselfF??????

Kaitlin Cuddyer
12/6/2010 11:54:07 pm

oh my will prevail. Love how you are drinking a cocktail with a hospital bracelette on:)


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