Travel buddies

This is the first post, just to get things started on the site. So far so good!
Laura Jones
11/9/2010 10:54:08 am

LOVE IT!!!!!!! xoxoxo Laura, I'll be sure to make a guest appearance with my (drum roll please) VOLKL AURA's TOO!!!! Def sign me up for a portion of this, sounds like a GREAT winter!

Abigail Baird
11/17/2010 11:38:02 am

Oh man!! This is the sweetest blog ever! That Gussie character seems pretty cool. This winter will be epic!

Kaitlin Cuddyer
11/23/2010 05:31:17 am

This winter will be epic! I am so excited for you!!

ps- I look up flights daily:)


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