Made it to Banff Canada last night, where it is about 30 degrees colder than it has been anywhere else. The drive was beautiful and took about 6 hours from Whitefish. I skied whitefish yesterday but only managed half a day, it is definitely an awesome mountain in a cool town, i jst wish I could have seen anything. The top was socked in 100%, as promised, and it was hard for me to convince myself it was a good idea to go explore through the trees alone in those conditions, so i mostly cruised around, had myself a good time. If you have ever wondered what it is like to ski wasted, thats what it feels like. You can barely figure out which end is up. I fell over alot.
Canada is looking good so far! Lake Louise today.
2/18/2011 12:33:25 am

So gussie has a passport now? Nice.

Gordon The daddy
2/18/2011 03:39:29 am

Banff is famous as a mountain. Whitefish sounds incredible, like you were underwater. Colorado can be like that once in a blue moon. The flakes aren't as big. Everything's bigger the further west you go. How's your canadian eh, eh?


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