The dog is costing me a little more $$ than I thought possible. The only place for us to stay in Telluride which didnt involve me sleeping in my car with the dog was the 'Camel's Garden' which was at the base of the mountain. Very nice, definitely too nice for me, but we rolled in so late that we didnt have much of a choice. Gussie was happy that we were not sharing her crate in the back of the jeep. I dragged a skier from the Silverton group with me to ski today, and with a few inches of new snow last night we were able to rock socks. The sking was awesome, and the town is even better, I think I want to move here. There is no leash law in town (except main street), and there were lots of people with dogs.
1/19/2011 12:36:53 pm

Got your postcard!! Thanks man!! keep updating with more pics.

1/20/2011 04:03:24 am

Hey Morgan!
Looks like you're having quite the adventure and I am jelly.
Everyone @ JBY misses you...I'm going to print your blog out and leave it downstairs so the guys can stalk you.
Katie Grimes came in yesterday and asked about you & is hoping you will be back this summer.
Stay Warm!


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