Had the pleasure of being shown around the Snow Bowl, in Missoula (or near it, I wasnt really sure where I was) by Andy, a long time local, and his son Alex. Everyone knew them, and they knew everyone, and I struggled to keep up. Both were ripping good skiers, and we skied first chair to last chair in deep pow! It was awesome skiing. The snow came down hard all day, and made for a really good time. Snow Bowl has 2 double chairs for access to the terrain, and theyre not the fastest chairs, but the runs made it worth it. It was definitely a locals mountain. The bar at the base served up a killer good Bloody Mary and pizza for apres, then Gus and I hit the road for Whitefish, Montana, which we will be hitting up tomorrow. Then off the BC.
I spent yesterday hanging out in missoula, taking the day off from skiing with Gus. So we did some good ol' Montana ranchin' with our free time.
Welcome to the west, where dogs are way more bad-ass than the eastern pups. Gussie took this picture from the safety of inside the vehicle. That's an animal leg, just so we're clear
JoeAnn Hart
2/16/2011 08:10:48 pm

Is that a picture of a ferret skiing?
What's the other picture? A dog with a small fawn sticking out of its mouth?

Andy Hayes
2/18/2011 11:48:01 pm

But it just kept on snowing at the Bowl after you left. The next day was 8 more inches and snowed 2 more during the day and 4 more that night, followed by 4 inch more that day. We had pillows 24 inches deep on all the runs we skiied with you.
Missed skiing with you on those special days


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