Here's to calling your friends who you havent seen in what seems like years, hoping that they live where you think they live now, which is about 3 hours from where you are, in Seattle, WA, and hoping that they will take you in for a few nights. After dropping kate off in seattle I had some time to check the place out, so Gus and I went to discovery park, and pike place market.  Loved seattle. But what then? I probably should have given them a little more warning then just...Heyyyy, can I come see you guys...?! Im in the same state as you, with a car and a dog!
Thanks Chuck and Trevor, for not only living where I think you live, Port Angeles, WA,but also showing me around. They were both surpirsed that I was on this coast, with a dog and a car, when I should be working, but they were happy to show me around anyways. It was awesome. They are defiitely living the dream.They both work for Armstrong Marine, in town, where they design and build some really sweet aluminum boats. Chuck brought his boat up, and we went fishing. I never thought I would make it onto a boat on this trip, and I am really psyched that we did. We went "fishing". I didnt, i just sat there, but I did get a fishing license for the day anyways. His dad joined us, and Gus came for the ride. It was so beautiful and so fun!
Haha, there will be some really good pictures to follow. So now the dog and I are on our way South again, after living the dream for a few days with my boys from the Landing School. : )
Check out some of the new pictures, Here! The rest will be up soon!

3/5/2011 12:41:04 am

So jealous you got to explore the Washington coast.. I bet it was beautiful!


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