Jay used to be too far from Stowe to consider going to, but Im turning over a new leaf for the new year and trying new things. It was a sweet blue skies day, no new snow, but nice temps, no wind, sweet canadian people watching scene, and a new bar/lodge to check out. the kind of thing you usually dont get at Jay.
Kate was my co-pilot, we had an excellent time. Check out the new page ON THE ROAD for more pictures of Jay and other places (right now pretty slim) and the pictures are not all that exciting, but you will notice the highlite of the trip which was a pair of matching canadians. so check that out. We enjoyed a tram ale at the new lodge, and a few bud lights in the parking lot with some new friends and old (i didnt know any of them, but kate did), and gussie was quite well behaved, she let people pet her in exchange for bits of hot dog. Im beginning to see that Gussie thinks that anyone in Carharts and kinco gloves or Patagonia is her friend, which is good. New years in burlington, then departing monday. bring on the bills.
1/5/2011 11:55:15 pm

was hoping to get to jay for new year but got as far north as Okemo. day after xmas Eric race @ Berkshire East, next three days training at Crotched in NH, home for one day of paperwork in office and off to Okemo for new year and two days that night, finished off sunday with eric's second race @ Bosquett. The season has begun! Hope your having a great time/start and will be following you!!! Happy New Year


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