Driving through Wyoming on the way to Utah, Feb 1 2011
Preston, Alex, Morgan, Peter (Pingree '04), Greg, at A-Basin. Living the good life.
Made it to Salt Lake City, after a drive through Wyoming which had record cold temps, falling well below -20F. Tomorrow I'll ski Alta with greg who is along for the week. Ive spent the last few days hiding out in Golden, CO, resting up and hanging out with the grandparents, so Im just about ready to start the travel again.
They don't allow dogs in the Canyon where Alta is, at all, not even in the car, (watershed thing) so I had to work out some tricky business in stashing the dog for the day tomorrow. We will see how that goes down.

Sunday was A-basin, and I forgot my camera, but the few pictures I did snap are up here! It was a small Pingree reunion, whether they liked it or not I tracked down Pete and Alex, both Pingree '04, who are now living the good life out in Colorado. We spent the day getting to know the place with fellow skiers greg and Pete, while Alex and his roomate Preston were on their boards. The terrain was awesome and there was definitely enough to keep us going for the day. It was a good scene there and I was psyched to have them show me around. More on A-Basin to come, bu for now enjoy the few pictures I got the chance to snap with my phone,

Monday was Winter Park/Mary Jane, where a few characters from the Skiershop were at the on snow demo for SIA. We met up around 11 while new snow was falling and we got in some quality runs. I wish I was as bad-ass as they were, with their new  gear, but it was a good time anyways. I hit a new low (or maybe new high?) when I was cruising through the trees on Outhouse, chasing after Tim and Mike, when I caught an edge on a small tree stump or root, and went full on, yard sailing, through the air and down the hill, narrowly missing a tree well. I popped out of one ski and bent one of my poles. Then to make things worse, a five year old cruised up behind me at top speed, and his (good looking) instructor, told him to ask me if I was okay. I confirmed I was, and then the five year old told me I should have picked a different line, as he shot through the trees past me at top speed. True story. To my credit, that five year old was bragging about how much air he was going to get on one of the bumps that followed, and it wasnt that high. Definitely a FML moment.

Dan was holding down the Stokli tent, so we didnt get to do any runs together. But his crew made Stokli look good.
The MaryJane side is always alot more fun than the WP side, though we toured around both. It was super good to see them, though I couldn't stick around long enough to see if they ever made it back to vermont with all the tricky weather that has been going on. Ahh, but I do miss skiing with them! Check out the pictures from Winter Park here.

Pictured: Morgan's bent pole Not pictured: Morgan's crushed pride and ego.
2/2/2011 12:37:49 am

Things are basically shut down here cuz of the weather.. it is by no means a blizzard, but they canceled work for me last night! Whooo!!

2/4/2011 10:34:15 am

Did you have a lot of flash-backs of being "nudged" down black-diamonds at age 8 by other aunt Pert on MaryJane at WP? I'd love to get back there:) Love you.

2/4/2011 06:33:30 pm

Ma Ma Ma Morgan! How goes it? Go on skype someday, I wanna talk to you and Gussie!

2/20/2011 08:38:22 am

I have part of a ski resort named after me? How cool, I wonder if I can ski for free since I'm named MaryJane.


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