Dear Blog,
The plan for december got a little side tracked by the whole, I'm stuck in bed for a week, thing. So I finally got my first turns of the season in at stowe on saturday, alone, but thats nothing new. apparently the muscles used to go to bars in newport and sit on a bar stool are totally different than the ones used to ski. but the snow was good, and the apres ski with the skiershop family at the matterhorn was ever better. im wishing i was doing another season there. the dog is training for the trip by sitting in the car in the cold while i ski. She is doing great. her dog condo in the back of my jeep is nicer than my house. Cheers. happy birthday kate wilson, the only person who comments on my blog so far
Abigail Baird
12/13/2010 11:05:01 am

I'm jealous you went skiing!! I wish I were there with you two crazy kids!


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