Pictured: 2 good dogs waiting for their owner while owner gets a beer at Highlands.Below: A bad dog who has to wait in Jail while her owner gets a beer at Highlands because she can't be trusted tied to a rack of skis.
The skiing was so good at Snowmass that I chose to ignore my body pains after taking a massive digger fairly early in the day (are we surprised that I took a massive digger?). It snowed all day, and the place was virtually empty for a saturday. There were deep stashes of snow everywhere you looked, and all the hike-to terrain was easily accessed by a relatively short hike. I skied the day alone, but Snowmass was a place where the locals were super nice, and very willing to point me in the right direction. I even ran into a guy who was a former Skiershop employee back in the day.
I had planned to ski Sunday at Highlands, but when I got up in the morning and could barely move the left knee, i decided to take sunday off, and ski on Monday. A good choice all around, though I also decided to skip any hiking for that Monday, which was probably a good idea too. (Highlands has a snowcat to bring you 1/4 of the way to Highland bowl, then the rest is about a 30-45 minute hike. I reunited with my Silverton ski buddy Garrett, who had been up in the Utah back country for a few days, and we ripped around all day, having a grand old time, in about 4" of freshies. Highlands is referred to as the Aspen locals mountain, and I found that to be true. It was more challenging than Snowmass (debateable I guess), steeper for sure, but it had an excellent vibe all around, from the mountain itself and from the small base area, which had just enough. I celebrated an excellent time at Aspen Highlands by toasting the end of the day at the Highlands Pizza co,v with a 24 oz PBR pounder. Check out the Pictures here. I also stopped by Aspen's Buttermilk, to check out the X-games venue, which was sweet.
It won the blue ribbon for a reason.....24 ounces just isnt enough
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Love reading your blog!!! It makes me sick to my stomach that i'm not out there skiing the freshies with you :( boo to that but late march, its a go!!!
Tahoe or colorado!!! we will def meet up with you. Keep up the awesome site. Love u!! xoxo laura


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