Tennessee to Arkansas.

Rediculous blizzard in the south, and no one knows how to drive here. The dog and I made our way to Tenn, from Virginia on Saturday morning. We decided we were going to stop off at the only ski place in Tennessee, just to take a picture and see the place, not to actually pay the 47$ that Ober Gatlinburg wanted to coast down nine trails. It was in the Great Smoky Mountains, near the National park, so I would check out that too. Well it actually turned out to be, what was probably the first powder day they had ever experienced, because it was dumping from the sky, and I'm getting excited to climb the switch backs on 'Ski Mountain rd', and make my way toward Ober Gatlinburg. A guy with Florida plates almost forced me into a ditch, but I pressed on, and I was psyched to reach the gate at the top. A fat guy with a big ego stopped me so I could pay him five dollars to proceed in and park. I was about to pay it, then  he took one look at my front seat, then said, "sorry that animal cant come in...no pets", and he pointed to the flippin hand written sign near the shack. Even though I pleaded and said she would stay in the crate in the back, and I drove all the way from Massachusetts to ski there (which was a lie but how was he to know), he said no, then told me to get out of the way so others could get by. What a D-bag. I think this occasion marked my first major realization on this trip that traveling with the dog was not going to be as easy as I told myself if would be. And oh yah, the National Park was closed too, due to snowy roads into the park. Sweet life.
Mom met us in Nashville, TN, where we got our fill of honkey tonk bars and BBQ. We visited Graceland, just because that's what you have to do when you're around Memphis, and although i was thrilled by it all, I was not thrilled to see that my mother had sneakily placed an enormous bumper sticker on my car that reads "I've been to Graceland" (Honestly think of the tackiest bumper sticker you have ever seen, now think of it on my car). Like I said, not thrilled about it. But she thinks its hilarious.

In Arkansas now, making our way west on I-40. Still snowing here.
1/9/2011 12:14:11 pm

Haha. I love Mom's ironic sense of humor. I'm sure you guys will take many pictures with giant ears of corn and go to the place with the largest steak on your southern trip. Just make sure to send me the pictures if you find another HUGE blueberry;)

1/10/2011 12:43:40 am

bark! keep it coming captain mo and say whadup to gus for me.

1/10/2011 07:49:58 am

Tell Mom I say hi!! Hope you are enjoying all the snow down there! Love to Gus too! And tell Mom anytime she needs a Daisy sitter to call me! Love you!!

1/10/2011 01:14:58 pm

Get Gussie some moustache glases, they'll never know any better. :)

1/12/2011 05:56:35 am

the subject line of your blog is so corny i actually laughed.


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