Got into Salt Lake City on Tuesday night, after a long drive on I-80 through Wyoming from Colorado. I never saw a Salt Lake by the way, but there were a whole lot of mountains. The skiing in Utah has been excellent so far. Wednesday was Alta, with Greg, which got a large dump of snow before we got there (at least 12"). It's a skiers only mountain (for those who don't know) so it was a great experience all around. It is definitely a skiers mountain. Everyone there had really fat skis, and everyone there knew what to do with them. Even with the bitter cold, with temps that didn't top 5 degrees F and started off well, well below zero, it was a top ten day, and definitely one of my favorite spots so far. In the morning we couldnt get more than a few runs in without having to warm up inside, but not a problem. I was happy rocking my big skis, which took a while to retrieve from a locked Thule Box whose lock had frozen shut. After the day, we went for a brew at the Peruvian Lodge, and we were careful not to order any of the Utah watery 3% beer. They still serve full alcohol bottles. Thank god. Guss had to stay back at the hotel because dogs arent allowed in the Canyon. Check out the Alta Pictures here!
JoeAnn Hart
2/3/2011 08:49:03 pm

Poor Gussie! She'll become a Mormon if you keep her locked up in the hotel room. The cleaning crew will convert her while you're having fun on the mountain. What do you mean the mountain is just for skiers? Who else is there? No snowboarders?


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