Once in the area of Snowshoe, West Virginia, The dog and I finally found a place to stay after a long search, and no we are not really near the mountain resort, because, no, they don’t allow dogs near any of their fine lodging establishments.  Actually they did, but it wasnt in the budget. As we speak, she is actually farting, and then getting up and relocating because it’s so rancid. This is going to be a very serious adventure with this dog. Honestly I had to call about 15 places to find the 'Brazen Head Inn'. I laughed out loud when I finally showed up at the place that let a dog stay there. Apparently he built the place with his sons. But down the road, five dollars bought me peace of mind, in a six pack of PBR bottles, and I didn’t even know PBR came in a bottle. I  was invited to wing night in their dining room, where the owner cooked and his dog hung out. Check out the Pictures

I need peace of mind because the car is already making awful noises when driving, and smells like burning when we stop. I think tin cans are dragging under the car. We stopped at a super walmart off route 66 in Virginia and bought some provisions, like sandwich stuff, and snacks. I recommend going to walmarts in other states because it is a good source of amusement.

Baltimore was a great time, we stayed at Nell’s apartment, which was awesome. I am an awful city person.  The dog ate her meals on the street next to the car. Thank you to nell and her roommate megan for putting us up.