Another post by Kate...Despite Gussie growling at Border Control, they let us back in the country and we arrived late Sunday in Bellingham, WA to stay with my Grandma. Its a full house of dogs with her two corgies, Bill and Mary, and Gus but everyone seems to be getting along. We drove up to Mt. Baker after seeing they got 16 inches overnight psyched for a powder day.  Baker is definitely a local's mountain and snowboarding haven as well. 70% of the skiers and riders went back country. As we didn't have the avi pack or the local knowledge, we stuck to the trails which were still amazing. It was my first real powder day and I used the Auras again and Morgs was on the Libertys. I definitely felt muscles I didn't know I had but I had great time. We dipped into some trees and had some great runs off of Chair 6. The weather was foggy, then clear which let us see all the back country those bros were ducking the rope for. By the end of the day, there was fresh snow puking again and it was like fresh tracks all over. We met some East Coasters out on vaca, Ian and Rob, who took us on a great last run. Rob took a tumble and lost a ski and Morgan and Ian had to go all the way around to rescue the ski but made for some good laughs at aprés. First we closed the mountain then headed to Chair 9, a great pizza/ bar scene just on the edge of the National Forest. Good times. Been a great trip out west, wish I could quit my job and continue with Morgs and Gus but headed back to the East tomorrow.
Check out the pictures of Mt. Baker here.