The Butte was all that it was cracked up to be plus more. Endless fresh snow on the mountain, and cool people who gave the town a great vibe. Check out the pictures. If you can't read the back of his one piece, it says 'McGnar'. If that isnt Badass, I dont know what is.
I got a mountain tour from locals Davin and (powder) Pat, who met me at 11, after waking up to a -18 degree morning, by 11 it was warmed up. I got going at 9ish, to get some freshies, and it was glorious, but I didnt really get to know the mountain until following my guides around. It is definitely a mountain that you want someone to show you around first time there. Gus was happy to hang in the car while I skied, although it was one of the colder days she has had. I could live there for sure.
More on the Butte to come. Skiing Aspen today, see how that goes. I did manage to conquer the Aspen night life solo last night....More on that