Saturday I skied Alpine Meadows, with masses of weekenders from "the bay area", (thats how the weekender phenomenon was described to me). It was a nice sunny day; the snow softened up, and made for fun conditions. I was skiing solo all day, but it was definitely one of those days where I was crushing run after run with a big shit-eating grin on my face, and hearing the voice in my head say, "god I love skiing". Skiing to music always makes me kind of a dumb skier, I feel like I start to look like how Elaine from Seinfeld looks when she dances. Not ideal, but Im having a good time and of course I could care less.  But spending Saturday skiing around and figuring out where everyone else ISNT skiing, was definitely a good day.
Today I sampled the South Lake Tahoe scene, to round out the California portion of the trip: Heavenly. It was also alot of fun, though the conditions today were not ideal, since the soft snow from yesterday froze and crusted over night. The views were still awesome though.
Heavenly was Slightly harder to do solo, and I learned that it is worth looking at a map of that place before starting the exploration. I wish I had more than a few days to get to know that place, because alot of the stuff that I ended up finding, felt like it would be unreal with even a little new snow. I did alot of those runs anyways, for the sake of checking them out, and I looked quite foolish trying to make my way down alot of the chutes etc without eating shi** on the ice layer and falling down. But it started to snow while I was there, so it got better as the day went on, There were also some amazing front side bump runs, "the face" which were nice and soft, and could make nearly anyone who attempted to do them, look like a rock star.
Check out pictures from the weekend from both places etc. here.

I finally kind of made a plan for the route home, It should lead me back through utah and colorado, and im tempted to stop off at a few places on the way home. we will see. Tonight Im back in a motel with the dog, where we checked in, and the office guy gave me a key to a room that someone was already in. Way to go Elko, NV. That might give you a hint about the quality of the establishments we utilize.
The view from Alpine Meadows (north lake)