Whitewater is just outside of Nelson, BC. It was about a 4 hour drive from Revelstoke, including a free ferry ride across Galena Bay.
I spent the night in Nelson, and when I greeted the day to about 5-6" of freshies. Whitewater is one of my top ten for the trip, not  just for Canada. I loved it. They only have three chairs, (2) doubles and a triple. The terrain is steep. I ended up frightening myself more times here than at any other place, while skiing alone. My one regret about this place is not having someone to ski with all day. They had some of the best tree skiing yet, and there was barely any one there. Many of the locals who I had the chance to chat with, were true ski bums, who only worked in the summer, and just skied in the winter. The lodge is a single building at the base, housing the basic needs of skiers.I didnt manage to take alot of pictures because I was having so much fun skiing.


Nelson was a great place to spend some time. It was where I stayed the night before Whitewater. It is a crunchy little town, with small shops and restaurants set by the excellent lake, and of course the mountains. When I got up in the morning I was informed that the dog was not allowed on Baker st, at certain times of the day, not even on a leash, due to town restrictions.
There's also no hackey sack or drunk circles allowed on that street apparently. I would say that the man is trying to keep the people in order.