Whistler Blackcomb, BC: Days 1 and 2

Kate and I rolled in to Whistler on Thursday night, with no place to stay and no plans. We somehow made it happen with the dog, and we were ready to roll, ready to ski for Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Although it has been dumping snow all season here, there was no new snow to be had for Friday, and it was -16 degrees, F at the top of Whistler. We got an early start to the day and we did our best to actually stay outside the whole day. The skiing was still awesome. I wont lie though, we did got out for "a few drinks" Thursday night, just to sample the Whistler nightlife. That sample accidentally turned into me not being able to function one bit on friday. I could barely move, I almost passed the point of being too hungover to ski. That was good news for Kate, because I had some big plans for our ski day. Kate was fine. I followed her around the whole day. We did Blackcomb Saturday, it snowed lightly all day, but it was still really cold. I think it was better skiing, just my thoughts. Could be because I could actually function, and wasnt falling down the mountain. The terrain was steep, and there was just so much of it. Skiing the Blackcomb Glacier was the highlight of the day, perhaps for the scenery, not just the skiing. There's no way to cover these mountains in 3 days. The village bar/night scene is the most intense I have encountered so far.

Day 3, Whistler Blackcomb

Rich and Tina joined us for our last day at WB and their first. It snowed hard overnight and all day, leaving us with still bone-chilling temps, and wind, but new snow. It was a great day to explore, and we got out for 8:30 (ish), and skied until 3. Kate took on the Auras as her (sort of a powder day) ski, and they worked out really well for her. So well that I may not get them back....She also took on the helmet cam for a bit. If we switched outfits you wouldnt be able to tell who was who. We stayed on the Blackcomb side all day, and mostly lapped the Glacier Chair, but we covered almost all the blackcomb chairs over the course of the day.
Later at the hotel, we found the best way to sneak gussie into bars and hotels. See the pictures below. Where's Gussie? Not even the finest establishments are going to be able to distinguish between this old italian man, and my duck toller.
We found a great trail system for gussie to run around in at the end of the day, before the drive to bellingham, Meadow Park, just north of the entrance for Whistler Village. Great trail system for XC ski, hikes, dog running etc.