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Trip Overview

Gussie and I are taking the winter off in 2011.

From January through March I will be skiing East to West; sampling all that these great United States mountains have to offer, while hopefully meeting good ski buddies new and old, and keeping everyone entertained who is able to follow the site and the blog. I invite anyone who is willing, and likes dogs, to join me anywhere along the way.

Why now?
I have wanted to drive across the country for a while, I hear it is something everyone needs to do once. I have been out west, just not with a car, and a dog.
I also love skiing. I had dropped it cold for the four years I was playing lacrosse in college, for fear of an NCAA career ending injury. At that time, and even before that, I could barely call myself a skier. I went skiing, but I was no skier. I didn't get giddy when snow was falling, and I wasn't obsessed with turning the porch light on and off to check on the height of the snow on the banister every five minutes. Spending a year at Stowe, while working at the Skiershop, put me back on the right track.

College and other school: Check
Dog is getting used to waiting in the car while I'm at the bar: Check
Dog has learned how to knock over trash cans for food because money is tight: Check
A job that is ending in December and there is nothing to do in Newport in the winter besides talk about sailing and skiing: Check
An American economy that needs stimulating through my spending: Check

A little background:
I skied with guys who were the best I had ever skied with at Stowe. I followed them around, sometimes they waited. I guess you could call that "skiing with them". Or maybe stalking, I think there might be a few mountain employees who I creepily knew where they were and when on that mountain.... By the end of the season I could sort of hang. If anything I learned the lingo, and the true meaning of steeze (I'm so lame I don't even know if I'm spelling that right....) I also learned the true meaning of shredding the gnar. I discovered that the reason I was able to just drop skiing for those college years was because I had not gained a true appreciation for it. Weak.
I'm not trying to make up for it all now, it just seems like the thing to do right now. Also if I needed another excuse, I am doing this to stimulate economic growth in America. Because I am an America-loving American. So I spend.

Planned Destinations: The ski to-do list by state West
Hopefully I get to most of these and get a sampling of other spots not listed here.
**Note that the author is aware BC is not a state. Said author recently lost a round of trivia for insisting Chicago was a state.
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Whistler Blackcomb, Revelstoke, Kicking Horse, Lake Louise, Sunshine, Whitewater
(Lake Tahoe): Squaw Valley, Heavenly,  Northstar, Alpine Meadows
Telluride, Silverton, Aspen Highlands,Aspen Snowmass, Crested Butte, Breckenridge, Winter Park, Vail, A-Basin
Big Sky
, Whitefish, Snowbowl, Bridger Bowl
Sun Valley
New Mexico:
Taos, Ski Santa Fe
Mount Hood
Alta, Park City, Canyons
Mt. Baker, Crystal
Grand Targhee, Jackson Hole
Not to be missed on the way west

West Virginia: Snowshoe
Tenn.: OberGatlinburg
You must be this tall to ride the ride....