Stowe, VT

Stowe is King. Stowe is where I started the trip, and it's where I'm going to end the trip. In my mind, there's nothing better out there, but I think I'm biased, having lived there, worked there, and met some of the best people there. That's probably why I'm embarking on this trip. To see what else is out there.
If you go, this was my experience/my choice.
Bars and/or food: Matterhorn (weds and thursdays are 3 for 2 sushi special); Picasso. Both are on mountain road. Fridas (main st).
Skiing: If you have the lungs for it, park at the base of the quad, on the Mansfield side, in the big parking lot (vs the higher gondola parking) and walk up to the quad for an early start. Its starts spinning at 7:30 on saturdays, 8 on weekdays. At the end of the day you can ski to your car with ease (or close enough...).
The Dog: There is an amazing place in Stowe where you can let your pup run free (as long as its on voice command) and have a good long walk, with views of mansfield, right next to the river. It's called the 'Quiet Path', and there is parking lot access from Cemetery rd., as you drive toward Morrisville, VT on 100.

Whiteface, Adirondacks, NY

As promised, pretty icy. But good times all around. I skied this one with a friend, who knew the place a bit better than I did. From what I can tell, if you like fast and steep, then you like Whiteface.
Eat and drank at: The Lake Placid Pub and Brewery, in Lake Placid, crafters of the famous "Ubu Ale"
The Dog: I didn't stay long  enough to find out if there was a dog park in town, but I did find a great hike for her, outside of Lake Placid, in the Keene Valley area, which, in the winter, no one gives grief about dogs off leash anyways in the woods. Its called the 'Rooster comb Mountain' hike. It is right off of Rt. 73 (near 'The Mountaineer'). It's 2.5 miles, but you could do less. And there are lots of similar trails in the Adirondacks, to be checked out. This was the only one I had time for.

Jay Peak, VT

Jay Peak is not on a card but it should be. For now we can call it the Joker, I am allowed a few write ins, and this one wont be the first. Joined by Kate, and later, others, no new snow but crystal clear skies, made for spring skiing in december
And just so we're clear, I was not with those 2 matching brothers who were skiing, i just found them at the bar after and asked if i could take the picture. they were 100 % matching, from head to toe. It was out of control. also the skiing was good.

The Dog: Unfortauntely there are not many options for the pup at Jay, besides the Golf course in the winter. That does make for a nice walk, as long as you have snow shoes or something similar. Otherwise, frisbee in the parking lot, or a leash walk in Montgomery might be in order.

Snowshoe, WV

Another one without a card. But Snowshoe is no joke! It was about a six hour drive from Baltimore, through the middle of no-where. I never expected so many switch backs; the ride started to make the dog ill.
Maybe I thought it was going to be more of a Joker hill, but there is nothing like 8 inches of freshies to change your mind no matter where you are. Snowshoe is the only place I have been where you drive to the top, make camp there, and then ski down. That confused me, and it took me a while to figure out where I was. I think even on my Auras I still may have had to fattest skis there, but there were some fun steeps, and still stashes of snow at noon. If I had known better I would have started at the 'Western Territory' and done Shays Revenge, which was still good a few hours after opening.
I lapped the Soaring Eagle Express far too many times before realizing there were other lifts. I also learned a good lesson for this trip, which was to actually read trail maps if I have never been there. Just because the lift is called 'Powderidge', does not mean it has to do with any seriously powdery terrain. It leads to greens in case you were wondering. But I did get to practice skiing backwards on the way down, which was fun.

Hmmm haha, Snowshoe pow?!....Who woulda thunk it

I was thankful to be given a day, right off the bat, that I could use to test out the new skis. When I took them out, there was no doubt they were the widest things on that mountain, and I did feel silly. But there was snow, and I wanted to test out the new toys, and I didn't know anyone, so I didn't care anyways. They were great, although I felt a bit awkward on them. The important thing is, they looked good. And that's half the battle. All in all, really fun mountain to spend a day at. The dog and I were even able to fit in some frisbee in a half empty parking lot at the end of the day. I also enjoy being called M'am down here.

The dog: There is no dog friendly lodging at Snowshoe Mountain. I had a great experience at an Inn, in the nearby town of Mingo, called the 'Brazen Head Inn', which was dog friendly and only a few miles from Snowshoe. The owner/Innkeeper was so nice he gave me a hug to send me off and wish me luck at the start of the trip. The dog fee was 10$. It was a comfortable and had a funky vibe. The owner also built it himself!