Breckenridge, CO

Breck was awesome. It was huge. It would have taken me more than a few days to get to know Breck if I had not had such an excellent tour guide in Andrea, a fellow William Smith '08 grad. She is an instructor there now, and she kicks ass. And you can see from the pictures that I do in fact ski with other girls. She had me struggling to follow her around the mountain as we went boundary to boundary. We did a good amount of hiking and made alot of turns before lunch. She has the skis I wanted, the Rossi S110 and she rocked them. I still want them. Check out the sweet pics, but more on Breck to come!

A few snipets from Breck

Featuring Andrea, a Breck local ski instructor, and fellow William Smith grad '08. Also featuring me, slowly making my way behind her.

And some pictures